Jo's Story


Having been a first generation Mexicana brought over to the USA at a young age Jo learned how to adapt and overcome quickly. Seeing her parents through a divorce, growing up with a special needs brother, having been discriminated against for speaking Spanish in public and being Mexican, being raped and nearly drowned are only some of the traumas and challenges Jo has had to overcome in her short twenty-nine years. Whereas most people might use any one of these reasons as an excuse or a pass in life, Jo is determined and passionate about using her trauma and her journey to healing to help others. Her tenacity and resilient strength has allowed her to continuously get back up, when no one would have expected her to. Inpower Co. isn’t just another wellness company. It isn’t just another coaching company. It’s a community where we can love, accept, challenge, motivate and support each other no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your past looks like. Inpower is a mindset. Inpower is a lifestyle. So let’s Inpower each other!

One of my favorite quotes is “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.”

Sometimes we’re faced with situations and decisions that require us to step out of our comfort zone. That require for us to step outside of ourselves and act and react as the person we see ourselves growing into instead of allowing our current fears and insecurities to affect us. Just like a ship out at sea is at sea because that’s what it was built for. A ship doesn’t worry whether or not there’s a storm coming. It’s setting out on a voyage because that is what gives it purpose. No one said it was going be easy. No one said you would have to put in all the work. No one said you weren’t going feel pain, or fear, or discomfort, or anxiety.

So in return we have to be the ones that believe. We have to be the ones that set out on our own voyage. We have to be the ones who know (not think) it’s more than worth it. We have to be the ones who aren’t scared of putting in the work. We have to be the ones to work through the fear. We have to be the ones that act from a place of strength, love, peace, joy and tenacity. Relentless tenacity. We have to be the ones to tell ourselves how we CHOOSE how our journey in life is going to be. And I can guarantee that once we do that, once we really do that, we come out happy, free, filled with love and light, and victorious.” Excerpt from Jo’s Upcoming book “Chaos Coordinator”