Monday Morning Feels

Free Yourself

What does freedom mean to you? What makes you feel free? Is the outdoors? Is it music? Is it dance? What keeps your heart at peace and wild?

Written by JoAnna

Trauma: My Story

Have you ever had that feeling like your whole world in crumbling and you don’t know how to make it stop, and right when you think you’ve figured it out it suddenly starts spinning out of control?

Written by JoAnna

No? No! Know.

Ok so what in the actual world could a positivity/motivational coach have to teach me about the word "no."? Great question! And the answer is, a lot actually. Let me explain.

Written by JoAnna

Turkey & Pie? OH MY!

It’s the holidays everyone!! Now, upon reading that very first sentence you either went “Oh my God I know!! Yaaaay!” or you literally rolled your eyes out loud and cried a little bit inside, and it’s totally fine.

Written by JoAnna

Ready? Set. BREAK!

So, I have a confession. Yup! It’s a biggie! I’m currently sitting on my recliner, one of my favorite shows on the TV, my laptop is actually on my lap, my trusty water bottle next to me, but also next to me…. A bag of gluten free chips.

Written by JoAnna

Come Alive 5

We, as individuals have the power to do whatever we want whenever we want it. We, have the power to have the lifestyle we want, the car we want, the house we want, you catch my drift…

Written by JoAnna