Written by JoAnna

Come Alive 5

5 Daily Habits to Create, Develop, and Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

We, as individuals have the power to do whatever we want whenever we want it. We, have the power to have the lifestyle we want, the car we want, the house we want, you catch my drift…. So then why do we think our physical health is the exception? There could be a million and one explanations. Maybe you grew up not knowing any better. Maybe you think you don’t have enough time or money. That’s okay. I’m here now. I’m here to help and show you that you can, in fact be health if you just choose to make time. Key words: MAKE TIME. So let’s dive right in shall we?

Habit #1: Wake Up Early

I know. Trust me, I know. When I first heard one of my role models suggest this all I could think of was “Nope. I’m good. Bye Felicia”. After some thought however the hustler in me said “Just shut up and do it.” So, I did. I started waking up an hour earlier and guys… IT. WORKS. Waking up an hour earlier than I usually did, so 5 am for me, did wonders for me. I was able to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do while my daughter was awake or my phone started blowing up. It gave me time to get mentally pumped up and ready for the day. I highly recommend it. Wake up an hour or two earlier than usual and go on that run, answer those emails, drink your coffee in peace while listening to a podcast or audio book, whatever it is that pumps you up and gives you energy to take on the day with a positive and “let’s get it” attitude. Do that, and watch the way you attack your day change completely.

Habit #2: Drink AT LEAST 2.5 liters of water daily

Think about it. How many functions does your body perform that require water? Or that perform a million times better with the proper amount of water? No idea? Let me name a just a few. Proper water consumption aids in cognitive & digestive functions, it improves blood oxygen circulation, regulates your body temperature, protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints, helps maximize physical performance, helps you lose weight, fight off illness, boost energy, and keeps your skin healthy and bright. Why wouldn’t you want to drink more water right? A lot of people don’t want to find themselves in the bathroom all day but guys, that only means it’s working. You want your body to eliminate all those toxins. I personally try to drink anywhere from 3 liters to a gallon of water a day. It seriously makes a difference!

Habit #3: Eat Healthy

I’m sure you’ve heard everyone tell you this right? And there’s a million diets out there that it can be overwhelming at times trying to figure out what can work best for you. I’ll make it as simple as potentially possible. Less labels means less worrying about calorie intake. What I mean by this is once you start consuming foods that don’t have a label such as fruits and veggies then you spend less time counting calories. This is at least what has been true and worked for me. When it comes to proteins, I personally only consume lean proteins such as fish, chicken, and turkey for two of my meals. Again, you want to choose foods that make you feel good AND are good for you. That’s key! Sure, pizza tastes great, but it makes me feel gross and isn’t exactly the best for me either. Who wants to walk around feeling tired and bloated all day? Not this chick. I'm not saying to never enjoy the "good stuff". I'm saying make it a habit to opt for the healthier options so that you can enjoy the other stuff once in a while and not feel bad about it.

Habit #4: Move your body AT LEAST 30 min daily

This is my favorite. Living an active lifestyle is by far the easiest habit I’ve maintained. However, many people struggle with this. Guys! I want you to stop thinking about physical activity as punishment. If you’re out of shape or if you’re overweight stop telling you can’t exercise simply because it hurts or because you’ve never done it before. You being able to move your body is a blessing. Are you going to be sore for a day or two when you’re first starting out? Of course. Once you develop a routine and a habit your body will adjust and you’ll feel better, stronger, and healthier than ever before. The best part about this is, you ready? You have options! There's yoga, pilates, barre classes, zumba, strength training, running, dancing, swimming, kickboxing, martial arts, even walking around your neighborhood or local park. You can exercise by yourself, with your kids, your partner, your friends, and it doesn't even have to cost a gym membership. Plus you’ll be able to reduce your stress and anxiety and even sleep better. So, stop worrying about the number on the scale and start worrying about the quality of your health and wellness and MOVE!

Habit #5: 1 Hour of Gratitude

This is something that I started doing when I was at the peak of my dance AND modeling career. As fate would have it two of my greatest passions started demanding a lot from me at around the same time and I began feeling overwhelmed, stressed, mentally and physically exhausted to the point to where I was getting physically sick. So I started doing something I hadn’t done in a while. Nothing. I did nothing for at least 30 minutes a day and by nothing I mean, alone on the couch with no one around but Frank Sinatra in the background and my choice of wine or tea in hand for the night but somehow that didn’t feel like enough time with everything I had going on. So I decided to MAKE time. I reserved an hour of my day for myself. This would be a time of reflection, intention, and gratitude. Whether I said the things that I was grateful for in life on my morning run, or whether I wrote them down in my journal in between appointments, lessons, and meetings, or I sat in my living room with a warm cup of tea at the end of my night and said them to myself. I began to notice that the where and when didn’t really matter. As long as I was alone and focused on gratitude for an hour my stress decreased significantly. I started being aware and micromanaging my schedule to the point to where my one hour of gratitude has become just as much as a priority as doctor appointments. Trust me, I would not be able to be a great mom, sister, daughter, or friend if I was constantly in a stressed-out state. Stress is TOXIC! And your body feels it. Stress isn’t called the silent killer for no reason. Chronic stress can lead to heart disease, cancer, and many other mental and physical ailments. So don’t just take time, MAKE time! Give thanks for all the things that are going right in your life. Even if you feel like the world is crumbling around you remember, you woke up today. Others weren’t so fortunate. There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

I’ll leave you with this. Now is the time to stand up and take charge of your life! Now is the time to take care of your body! You only get one. Now is the time to make the decision that you will no longer allow others to tell you that you can’t! Now is that time to quit the negative self-talk! Now is the time to start creating a brand new stronger, healthier, more positive and powerful version of yourself! If you didn’t know how before, you do now. Have an amazing day and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as I’ll be taking over this week and giving you more tips and inspiration on how to live a healthier, more INPOWERED lifestyle.


XO, Jo