Written by JoAnna

Turkey & Pie? OH MY!

It’s the holidays everyone!! Now, upon reading that very first sentence you either went “Oh my God I know!! Yaaaay!” or you literally rolled your eyes out loud and cried a little bit inside, and it’s totally fine. Trust me! I have all the emotions. So my mind processes the holidays like this... “Oh my God yay! Momma’s favorite recipes, and wine, and turkey, and decorating the tree and hanging up lights and fun an- oh wait! Noooo! So much shopping, and crowded malls, and what?! What do you mean I can’t spend all my money at Target?! But... BUT THE DISCOUNTS?!” Guys, it’s absolutely bananas! How-ev-er! Building on what Coach Lauren taught last week it’s important for us to have self awareness and live in a state is gratitude. While doing so it’s important to realize whether or not we use the holidays to binge on our favorite foods or drink more than we probably should. If so, what are the leading causes or tiggers? If the answer is "Umm cuz it's the holidays, duh!" Then let me just share a little secret with you. THE HOLIDAYS ARE NOT AN EXCUSE FOR YOU TO DO SO!! Everything in moderation! I'll say that again, everything in moderation. I'm not saying don't eat the pie, I'm just saying don't eat the WHOLE pie. By yourself. On a cold Saturday night, because you can't believe your sister in-law Karen is "living her best life" and you're gonna have to hear about it and possible bear witness to it on Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Well not today Karen!! The last thing you wanna do is become overwhelmed by all those emotions and sabotage your body to deal with all the stress and anxiety. Food, especially the ones packed with sugars are actually proven to only taker deeper and deeper into your depression over time. Instead, try getting up and moving your body around. Think of it this way, "Move your body. Change your mind." Your body's chemistry literally changes every time you get your heart rate up and improves your mood. So here are my top three ways to get and keep your body moving this holiday season that don't break the bank:


Have a playlist at hand and the minute you start to feel down, or stressed, or anxious blast that playlist and dance around for at least 30 seconds. I also highly recommend taking ballroom dance lessons or even a zumba class 2-3 times per week. Dance is such a wonderful way to boost your mood, help your memory, and improve muscle tone, balance, and flexibility.


I know. I know. Most people are tired just by looking at the word "run" but guys the benefits of running are endless! It helps prevent strokes and breast cancer, also when you run you are allowing your body to exert excess energy, hormones, and endorphins which in turn help lift your mood and alleviate pain. Another little thing I like to do is think of something I'm grateful for every time I feel like giving up. It helps me come into a place of gratitude and gives me the motivation necessary to help going. So make some time either at the beginning or at the end of your day and make running a part of your daily routine.


This is probably one of my absolute favorites. Yoga keeps me zen when life starts getting a little crazy and I feel like I'm losing it. Especially during the holidays. Plus, the benefits of yoga are amazing. They include increasing energy levels, helping your digestion, improves sleep, relieves back pain, treats depression, cultivates mindfulness, and improves balance and self-esteem just to name a few. Amazing right?!

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XO - Jo